About SOAP UI Training

It is a leader in the market as an API Testing Tool. SOAP UI and SOAP UI Pro are two tools that make the life of a tester less complicated. They provide interfaces to enter the request, assertions in order to validate your response, several tools to create and maintain tests and finally enables reports to share and print with teammates. The tools also offer a user interface to all APIs and analyze the answers from APIs. Hence it is called SOAP UI where UI stands for User Interface.

It is a testing tool which is used for both functional and nonfunctional testing. This tool is not limited to web services only. However, it is the de-facto tool that is used in web services testing.

In web service testing, it has the capability of undertaking the role of both client and service. By using a single environment, it enables the user to create functional and nonfunctional tests quickly, in an efficient manner.

It is an open source utility. But SOAP UI Pro is a paid commercial utility version where the users are offered custom utilities and improved production level testing capabilities. Also when one decides to enroll in Web Services Training, please ensure you are being taught the commercial version. If you don’t wish to attend classes, check out the Videos online.


Here are some amazing capabilities , that are the driving factors for the popularity.

· It supports most of the standards that are used in web applications including message transmission via HTTP, HTTPS, etc.

· By using SOAP UI mock services, one can stimulate the web services even before they are actually implemented. This means one can test the web service consumer applications without waiting till the web service providers are implemented.

· Using it one can do functional verifications against web services, HDBC data sources and web applications. It also helps in adding conditional test steps in order to control the test execution flow.

· It can be integrated into automated test frameworks like JUnit. The tests can be launched through Apache Maven and Apache Ant build frameworks.

· It can be integrated into continuous integration tools like Bamboo and Hudson.

· One can generate performance and load tests easily and quickly use Soap UI simply with just a few clicks.

Soap UI Pro, the commercial version of SOAP UI provides several additional features including HTTP recording, test reporting facilities, data driven testing capabilities and test reporting facilities.