About An Appeal to Writers

ACRONYMS are words formed from the initial letters (normally one, sometimes more) of other words like AIDS which has been formed from Acquired immune deficiency syndrome and/or LASER formed from the first letters of the words Light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation.

Some of the other popular acronyms are:

UNESCO: United Nation’s Educational Social Cultural Organisation (There are several acronyms connected with U.N.O)

SAARC; South Asian Association for Regional co-operation.

AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

CAD: Computer Aided Design.

COBOL: Common business oriented language.

ESRO: European Space Research Organisation.

HUDCO: Housing and Urban Development Corporation.

JIPMER: Jawaharlal Institute of Medical Education and Research

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)

(The list is endless. Readers are requested to kindly refer to some good general knowledge book to have a fairly complete list of Acronyms)

From the above examples, it can be seen that the essential characteristics of an acronym are:

1. They should be formed only from the initial letters of the other words.

2. They should form a full word. There should not be any full stop in between the letters.

3. While writing, all the letters are to be in capital letters.

4. They need not have any bearing to the meaning of the parent words.(Ref AIDS and parent words)

But in practice, this concept is often misused by not following any/all of the norms of the characteristics of acronyms. For example in the sentence “I am an M.B.B.S”, M.B.B.S is not acronym because there are full stops between the letters. Likewise ‘Viscom’ (Visual communications) is not an acronym because the contents are not individual letters and it is written in lower case. Neither Rs (rupees) nor Mike (Michael) are acronyms and they are only abbreviations.

I wish to record some very crude usage of this concept even at international level.

There is a widespread saying that NEWS is an acronym for North, East, West and South which is absolutely wrong. News is a separate word meaning that new happenings. Needless to add, old happenings are not news but only history. They say that information are gathered from four directions and so abbreviation the four directions are branded as NEWS. That is not correct because not all the letters are in capital letters and the amplification need not have similar meaning with the words abbreviated. Secondly there are more directions than the four mentioned. News are obtained from space also.

Another wrong usage in this concept is the word LIONS. People belonging to Lions clubs International record that amplification of LIONS is ‘Liberty, Intelligence and Our Nations Safety,” the meaning of which God only knows. If ‘LIONS’ dot mean the animal king Lion, then how the children of the members are known as LION CUBS and their life partner, Lion ladies? Are they ‘Liberty, Intelligence and our Nation’s safety’ ladies? One more important observation is that it is LION’S CLUBS INTERNATIONAL and not mere National. Hence the question of ‘Our Nation’s Safety’ does not arise. It is clear that they are coining some words to accommodate the initials.

Thus Lions clubs are crucifying English words by an immature translation. (The author of this article was an active LION member for twenty years and he has spent considerable portion of his savings for Social services through LIONS Clubs.)

Certain people make their own abbreviations and amplifications. In college student elections, we have noted such usage frequently. Suppose a contestant’s name is Sita there will posters saying Elect and select S (sincere), I(intelligent),T (Talented), A(Active) and so on as if Sita is an acronym for the four words mentioned. What if the opponents write as Sleeping, Intriguing, Torturous and Adamant?

Hence it is my fervent appeal to students and scholars of English language to desist from crucifying the language by misusing this concept of acronyms. Acronyms are used for brevity and clarity.. Sometimes they are used as ‘secret code’ also. Let us not misuse this concept narrow-minded purposes

Dr Sathyanarayanan Bhimarao is a multi-faceted personality. He is M.Sc (Physics) from Annamalai University. He got Ph.D is psychological counselling in HIV/AIDS. He is a writer from a very young age. He has written several articles, short stories and plays which were published in popular magazines. He is a writer in the subjects of Philosophy and science. He is the founder of Holistic Philosophy Society and is conducting several seminars on Physics and Philosophy. He is publishing a Tamil and an English magazines with several features like short stories, plays and articles.

You Need To Know Know The Useful Benefits Of Using Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide is popularly known as the carborundum. It is a popular compound that is made with the help of elements like carbon and silicon. The chemical formula of this compound is SIC. It occurs naturally in the raw material which is known as the moissanite. In the year 1893, this compound or silicon carbide is produced in huge percentage for using as the abrasive material. The manufacturers combine grains of SIC together with the help of the sintering process to form a hard type of ceramics. They are used in various applications like the car clutches, vests, detectors and many more.

Apart from these usages, the compound is used in the semi conductor devices that generally work in the HV areas. The users can use larger crystals of silicon carbide with the help of Lely method. They are cut in the small pieces with the help of the SIC.

Carbide is a hard compound that is used in the carbothermal reduction of the element silica. Depending on the situations, the resultant SIC that is formed may be in the powder form or available in the ground mass state.

The reaction bonded carborundum has various properties. It is one of the refractory materials that high melting point. It is also having high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion characteristics. Moreover, SIC that is available in the market is hard in nature, excessive stiff and corrosion resistance. Carbide is also having some interesting properties like the semi-conductor features.

There are various commercial uses of carborundum. They are used in the engineering applications and available in three different forms like the silicon carbide, nitride bonded silicon carbide and the reaction bonded silicon carbide. There are various uses of silicon carbide. The very first form is that they are used in the refractory applications that depend on the manufacturing needs.

There are various advantages of using SIC. They are used in the electric voltage purposes. This compound is having HV acceptance than the original compound. SIC switches that are available in the market are to be fitted in various applications depending upon the requirements. It helps in reducing the system complexity, reliable to the users and they are also used as they are cost-effective. Silicon carbide works in the region that has high temperature that is more than 400 Celsius. Thus, when you require these above benefits, it is very important to buy the SIC.

About SOAP UI Training

It is a leader in the market as an API Testing Tool. SOAP UI and SOAP UI Pro are two tools that make the life of a tester less complicated. They provide interfaces to enter the request, assertions in order to validate your response, several tools to create and maintain tests and finally enables reports to share and print with teammates. The tools also offer a user interface to all APIs and analyze the answers from APIs. Hence it is called SOAP UI where UI stands for User Interface.

It is a testing tool which is used for both functional and nonfunctional testing. This tool is not limited to web services only. However, it is the de-facto tool that is used in web services testing.

In web service testing, it has the capability of undertaking the role of both client and service. By using a single environment, it enables the user to create functional and nonfunctional tests quickly, in an efficient manner.

It is an open source utility. But SOAP UI Pro is a paid commercial utility version where the users are offered custom utilities and improved production level testing capabilities. Also when one decides to enroll in Web Services Training, please ensure you are being taught the commercial version. If you don’t wish to attend classes, check out the Videos online.


Here are some amazing capabilities , that are the driving factors for the popularity.

· It supports most of the standards that are used in web applications including message transmission via HTTP, HTTPS, etc.

· By using SOAP UI mock services, one can stimulate the web services even before they are actually implemented. This means one can test the web service consumer applications without waiting till the web service providers are implemented.

· Using it one can do functional verifications against web services, HDBC data sources and web applications. It also helps in adding conditional test steps in order to control the test execution flow.

· It can be integrated into automated test frameworks like JUnit. The tests can be launched through Apache Maven and Apache Ant build frameworks.

· It can be integrated into continuous integration tools like Bamboo and Hudson.

· One can generate performance and load tests easily and quickly use Soap UI simply with just a few clicks.

Soap UI Pro, the commercial version of SOAP UI provides several additional features including HTTP recording, test reporting facilities, data driven testing capabilities and test reporting facilities.